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Our Services

At Just Like Home Rentals, we pride ourselves on our family-owned and community-focused approach to property management. As a small business, we have the unique ability to provide personalized service and tailor our services to meet each client's needs. Whether you are a tenant or owner, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Long Term Rentals

This is our most popular service- and for great reason! This service begins with a free property inspection and comparable report by our REALTOR®. Then we take photos, list, and manage the listing for the home until we find the ideal tenant. Our tenant screening includes a credit, background, and rental history check as well as income verification. Once tenant is placed, we handle collection of rent directly to your account and all necessary maintenance. This service allows you the greatest amount of rent for the least amount of initial investment. 


Airbnb Month-Month Rentals

If you think your home would make a great Airbnb, but it is located in Davidson County or you have HOA restrictions, this option is for you. This begins with a free assessment of the home and comparable report by ur REALTOR®. Then we will get you a list of items that will be needed for the home and we will complete the set up of the home. We will then take pictures and manage the listing. From there, the bookings, cleanings, scheduling of maintenance, and rent collection directly to your account are all handled by our staff. This service does require an upfront investment, but can allow for increased rent compared to regular long term. 


Short Term Airbnb

This is our favorite service to provide! This service starts with a full home inspection and inventory check and comparable report by our REALTOR®. Then we will provide you with our recommendations for a theme as well as a list of items needed and complete the set up of the home. Once pictures are taken and the listing is created, we will manage all of the bookings, cleanings, scheduling of maintenance, and payouts directly to your account. This service often allows for the highest accruement of rent, however, requires the most upfront investment as well. 

*Please note- Davidson County does not allow short term renting residential properties, please see our Airbnb Month-Month Rentals service if you are within Davidson* 

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